Stone and seal burin

Natural pyrophyllite

3 x 3 x 4 cm
$ 8.75
4 x 4 x 5 cm
$ 13.25

Prepare the surface that will receive a burin by rubbing it against a fine sandpaper in circular motion. Press the stone firmly on a piece of rice paper that large enough to extend an inch beyond the edges. Paint within the border of the pressed mark with dark ink. Place the paper back onto the stone, dampen the paper with water, and then rub the surface of the paper with fingernail. This transfers the design onto the stone.

6-piece burin set, 5 double-edged chisels, 1 awl

stone engraving tool
6 in.
$ 51.40

These are engraving tools for seal. A stone is carved to that the text and drawing are either in intaglio against a solid background or in relief against a background which has ben removed. Place the blade at a stoke boundary, pushing the chisel steadily to the left. Turn the stone 180 degree, and cut the opposite boundary the same way. Finish the stroke by cutting the ends.

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