Home-made paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are traditionally made by home craftsman. The making is imaginable. New bamboos are split into slips, bent into desired shape, covered with rice paper and then decorated with designs. Like many other handicrafts, lantern-making is a sideline in the countryside. Weeks before winter country fair that was held from the first to the fifteenth day of the first month of lunar calendar, villagers had all sort of lanterns ready. In some villages each family is involved in the lantern-making during winter season, and their sales can reach as far as hundred miles away to neighboring provinces.

Eight miles to the south of ancient city Xi-an lies a suburban village of 1,200 households, known to the locals as lantern village. Lantern-making at Xi-an can be traced back to a thousand years ago, when the royal house had their lanterns made for order. Today each family here makes paper lanterns, producing about 1,000 varieties.

Paper Lantern

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