Paper-cuts of Foshan

Foshan artisans cut designs out of aluminum foil instead of paper. As many as one hundred aluminum sheets are stacked up with a paper template at the top. The contour is formed by knives whose blade can be as narrow as one millimeter; particular forms are achieved by batting punches through. The hollowed areas are then lined with colored papers or a paper-cut. Sometimes white rice paper is pasted from behind and then painted, producing an effect similar to stained glass.

Somehow being also classified as paper-cut, floral leaf is another example of local artisans' decoration ideas. A thin sheet of aluminum is forged by hand from annealed metals. A design is laid out by scratching on its back with a needle, and then relieved by tapping on a hardwood chopping block with a ball-tipped punch and a wood mallet. Each stroke produces a dent, and each line consists of a chain of dents. The thin leaf is finally trimmed and glazed with oil paint.

Paper cut

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