Paper-cuts of Nanjing

The making of Nanjing's paper-cuts is quite unique. Commonly eight sheets of different colored rice papers, sometimes glazed papers too, are stacked one above the other and cut into a design at once. The stack is then cut apart according to the composition and restored by piecing the sections from other colored sheet together on a white rice paper support, resulting in eight multicolord patterns of different combinations.

The most frequent use of this kind of paper-cuts is to decorate pyramid-shaped incense towers that are meant to be burned on Moon Festival for celebration. The pyramid consists of three, six, nine, or twelve layers of, each of these numbers is believed to be auspicious, incense bunches. Each layer is made by tying the incense bunches together into blocks, gradually smaller to the top. It is a good sign if it burns smoothly to the ground.

Paper cut

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